Aberdeen Expat Learnings

    Life Lately: How to Survive Life in Aberdeen

    Aberdeen Beach Promenade Expat Smalls Abroad

    We blinked and here we are, 7 months into our life in Aberdeen. Or in other words, 227 days to be exact, but who’s counting!? It’s no secret that we weren’t excited about moving to Aberdeen, especially after living in Paris for a few years. You may be asking: Why live somewhere you don’t want to be?? But given the employment situation, here we are. So our mission (and we chose to accept it) is to make the most of…

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  • African Wild Dogs Hunting

    African Wild Dogs | On the Hunt on Safari

    Vegetarians… you might want to look away now.  This post is not for the faint of heart either.  This is a story of a little impala that could… err… then couldn’t.…

  • leopard sitting in the shade

    Our Big 5 Safari in South Africa

    When we started planning a January getaway just two short months ago, we knew we wanted to go back to South Africa.  We had already spent a week in Cape Town…

  • Scotland Travel

    Our First Christmas in Scotland

    It felt that the holidays this year approached quicker than it has in previous years.  One minute I was starting my Masters program, the next I was handing in the final…

  • Travel

    Aveiro: Off the Beaten Path in Portugal

    Many visitors to Portugal will go to the capital Lisbon and perhaps even Porto.  The sunseekers head to Algarve in the south.  But much of the rest of the country is overlooked.  So…

  • Aberdeen

    Life Lately | Saying goodbye to summer

    Life has switched gears for us in the past month.  And until I sat down to write this post, I honestly thought it’s been pretty uneventful.  When people have asked what…