Summer Vacation Part 2: Vacation within a vacation

With visitors and a busy (and very full) summer at the cabin, David and I had planned a little getaway I dubbed, “the vacation within a vacation”, (which is actually within the semi-permanent vacation I currently call my daily life).  Think “Inception” but much more relaxing and less edge-of-your-seat intensity.

First stop on our 7-hr road trip to the BC/AB border, was Canmore, our annual favourite.  The place our love blossomed, where we exchanged our vows and spent our 1st anniversary.  Being so close, why break the tradition.  We spent a quiet, relaxing night at Bear & Bison Inn enjoying our in-room jacuzzi tub and champagne.  And had the most amazing steak dinner at Rustica Steakhouse at Silvertip Resort.  Topped by breakfast in bed the next morning.  It was so unfortunate to see how this little town was ravaged by the floods; so much natural beauty was washed away not to mention homes and businesses. We really do love Canmore.

Wanting to catch up with friends from Edmonton we planned a two-night camping trip in Kootenay Plains.  After settling in, setting up camp and welcoming our friends, the next day, we attacked a pretty advanced 6km hike (with an elevation gain of 1100m) to the summit overlooking Landslide Lake.  It was intense but we all made it and enjoyed much deserved food, drinks and snack around the campfire later that night.

We hauled all our camping gear from Paris yet still managed to be somewhat ill-prepared.  You may notice extra pair of pants dubbing as scarves around our necks.  And who knew H&M skinny jeans made decent hiking gear.  It was cold and windy at the top but the views were astounding and well worth it.

Before everyone parted ways, we all tried some paddle boarding.  The wind and freezing waters didn’t stop us but it was the best motivation for staying on the board and not falling in.

Despite the crummy weather, it was a fantastic weekend shared by some good friends that we were so happy to see.

Until next time ‘crewbies’!

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