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We’ve been meaning to get out to Normandy for the past few weekends and it seemed every time we checked the weather it would be rainy or overcast and we figured, we could go another time.  That left us with not a whole lot to do in Paris but to walk around and catch some of the city’s events.

We visited the temporary Roy Lichtenstein exhibit at the George Pompidou Modern Art museum.  David is a fan of his work and once you see it, you’ll recognize his world famous paintings.  It was a good exhibit with a lot of really interesting art which showed his evolution as an artist over the decades.

Earlier in October, Nuit Blanche was on the agenda.  This is a large all-nighter arts festival with multiple indoor and outdoor venues across Paris.  It’s very popular in Toronto where I first heard of it but never experienced it.  We met up with some friends late at night and started cruising the city to check out the installations.  Some of the churches were transformed into mystical light and abstract art installations.  One courtyard displayed hanging clothes while others displayed film.  And the trees in one park had projected hands all over them.  Unfortunately, overall it was a disappointment.  Only about half of the artworks we saw were remotely interesting, the rest we just didn’t get, or maybe we just aren’t cultured enough to appreciate it.

Aside from that we had some friends over for a raclette dinner where we were introduced to the dessert they bought called:  Les Merveilleux de Fred.  It is a delectably rich but light dessert made of fluffy meringue, Chantilly and tastes like pure heaven.  No photo as it disappeared so quickly but I’m sure we’ll be seeing it again.  We also took a lot of walks around Paris including a stroll through Bercy Village and being mesmerized by the boys in the skate park on their bikes, skateboards, scooters and rollerblades flipping, turning and riding the rails.  The weekends consisted of oysters, Parisian markets, coffee and chocolate.

By the middle of last week, David finally said, who cares what the weather is like, let’s go to Normandy, I don’t want to walk around Paris for the 4th straight weekend.

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