Cape Town Last days: The Cape and the beach

David couldn’t wait to show me the Cape of Good Hope and we picked the perfect sunny and hot day to drive to the edge of the earth.

IMG_1100IMG_1108IMG_0922We found ourselves waking up again before 8am and hitting the road to make the most of the day.

On the way toward Cape Point, we admired all the pretty coastal towns along the way.  We stopped at Boulders Beach to see more penguins go about their daily business; mainly staring off into space and awkwardly walking about.  It’s quite the life if I can say so myself.

IMG_0884IMG_0889pageApageBWe continued through the Cape Peninsula where we stopped to get some good views and to climb some rocks.  I was on the look-out for baboons but no such luck.  We enjoyed our pre-packed lunch on an isolated beach watching the waves roll in.  While David explored with his GoPro and camera in hand and I took a snooze in the sun.  Still with much to do on the day’s itinerary, we continued to explore the peninsula including visits to the old lighthouse and the Vasco Da Gama cross (a part of my Portuguese heritage).  It’s unbelievable to imagine that over 500 years ago in a ship, he (and others before him like Bartolomeu Dias) left the tiny country of Portugal to find an ocean route to India not knowing where it would lead them.

IMG_1069IMG_1074pageCpageDWe continued along the scenic drive up the western side as the sun was biding us farewell for the day.  Our last stop was swanky, Miami beach-like Camp’s Bay for a beach side stroll and to watch the sun finally dip below the horizon.

pageGFeeling sandy and marinated in sea salt, we grabbed dinner overlooking V&A harbour at Belthazzar. This time being unknowingly adventurous, I ordered kingklip: it being the local fish and all.  I later found out it’s actually an eel, not a white fish, still tasty though.   We tried the restaurants specialty, an onion blossom and it was excellent.  The whole meal was quite good as well as the wine, of course.  And we actually skipped dessert! Mon dieu!

Saturday was our first sleep-in day (it is a holiday after all)!  We just mucked about the apartment watching the fog and clouds slowly receded over Cape Town. We took a 2 hr stroll down the beach and returned to have snacks and a bottle of white wine for lunch.  Since it was warming up, we spent the rest of the afternoon by the beach.  With child-like enthusiasm, David explored the rocks and crevices, and entertained himself by spelling out Cape Town using washing up mussels.  I was happy reading a wonderful book by a friend, Paris Letters by Janice McLoed (Seriously! go read it!) We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take some fun pictures.

pageEpageFAgain more sushi as we had a fabulous meal at V&A at Willoughby & Co.  Followed by a class of dessert wine and dessert at Karibu.  I couldn’t leave without trying the South African dessert Malva pudding… it was alright.

The sushi was so good we went back for lunch the next day, our last day in Cape Town after a morning of shopping.  We boarded the plane later that evening and said “good-bye” to Cape Town, hoping it’s more of a “see you soon.”

This holiday has just validated my lifelong dream of living by the ocean one day.  Watching the scores of people jogging, paddle boarding, surfing, kite-surfing and picnicking by the ocean has confirmed that I, we, belong somewhere like here.  Watching the sun set over the water always summons up nostalgia from my childhood summers spent in Portugal with my family.  I love the quest for health and outdoorsy-ness it inspires.

But above all, it’s perhaps the deep-rooted Portuguese maritime blood running through my veins.

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