Kettlebell Cake Pops and Crossfit Games

I had to break up this Crossfit related post into two. As soon as I started rambling in my last one, it was evident.

I’m happy that David had finally joined me at Crossfit. It only took some outdoor WODs close to home to convince him. We can’t deny the convenience. But the small group has taken us two foreigners in with open arms.  When we’re not on vacation, we’re in a cozy routine of evening, outdoor workouts in a beautiful park with not more than 10 other people suffering along with us. But also since they are equipment limited, there are no pull-ups, no dips, no heavy barbells and no rowers; it’s been a perfect way for David to ease right into it. I’ve been loving the met cons myself which I balance with weightlifting at CF Louvre during the day.

1.11blog1I  was also surprised two weekends ago when David actually showed some interest in watching the Crossfit Games. We were invited to a new friend’s house to watch it all together over a potluck dinner. I took the opportunity to try a new recipe and flex my creative muscle with a Crossfit-themed sweet.

Enter: Kettlebell Cake Pops.

I first researched a bunch of different recipes and methods for making these. As much as I love following recipes, I am notorious for tweaking, substituting and mixing recipes to the point I forget what I did differently. I’ll try to explain here what I did and what I learned for those who asked for the recipe.

Step 1:  Make a cake.

I love baking from scratch, but I knew I was in for a long process so I shortcut this step with a boxed cake mix. I used Alsace Nature cake mix because it promised to be super moist (and it was which is important for the next step). After taste testing the cake (who am I kidding, the batter), I realized it was super sweet. This very fact was confirmed by the ingredient list on the side of the box. Sugar was the first ingredient. Next time, I might just bake a cake from scratch or just find another cake mix.

Step 2: Break the cake apart into crumbs, once cooled. There’s no way to get around getting your hands right in there.

Step 3: Melt about 2/3 part white chocolate to 1/3 parts heavy cream in a water bath (or microwave). I guess milk would work but we’re in France, so cream it is.

KETTLEBELLStep 4:  Mix the melted chocolate a little at a time into the cake crumbs until you can form a ball without it crumbling apart.

Most recipes call for frosting here. But I didn’t use it since it was already sweet enough, since I didn’t feel like making frosting from scratch and since you can’t buy premade frosting easily in the French supermarket. I like the idea of melted chocolate better anyway.

Step 5:  Roll the cake mixture into small balls. I used a fully rounded 1 teaspoon measure. You have to remember that the ball will grow when dipped in a layer of chocolate. Set in the fridge to chill at least 15 minutes, maybe more. I put them in the freezer at one point too.

Step 6:  Now it gets really messy.   I melted 70% dark chocolate in a tall, narrow drinking glass in a water bath. I chopped the pretzels to get a nice little handle (but threw out/actually ate more than double the ones I used. This was harder than I thought) I took a cake pop stick, pushed it into the cold cake ball, and dipped it in chocolate and swirled/tapped the excess off. Then I added the handle, dipped just the handle in chocolate and used a toothpick to even out the chocolate and cover any bald spots.

Chocolate got everywhere! All over my hands, my elbows and even across my face which I only realized this AFTER the electricity guy came into the apartment to take a meter reading.

KETTLEBELL2Step 7:  Lay them down on parchment paper (I made the mistake of putting them directly on a plate at first) and put them in the fridge to cool.

Once cooled, the ones on parchment paper came out perfect. I had to peel/scrape the ones off the plate which resulted in bald spots. I wasted time but having to re-melt and fix the coating which resulted in weird shades of chocolate on the final product. In the end they weren’t as pretty or perfect as I would have liked.

Step 8:  Use a frosting pen to write out kettlebell weights.

And one important thing to remember: taste test at least 3 times in between each step. That is of course if you don’t mind ingesting enough sugar for a week, getting a tummy ache, spoiling your dinner and eating about 10% of your creation even before if leaves your kitchen.

crossfit-memeAnd voila!

Kettlebell cake pop for your Crossfit party. They were a hit and super deliciously sweet. We had a great time with some new friends and ate very well while watching incredible buff and ripped bodies including Rich Froning and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet kick some Crossfit ass.

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