Recipe for a totally rad 80s party

After a successful 80s party in Edmonton, we decided to have a repeat in Paris.  We did lug the decorations and costumes across the Atlantic so we needed a good excuse to use them.

First, start with a pretty gnarly invite.  Cat is optional. 80s party inviteThen deck out the apartment with homemade decorations: Pac-man ghosts, printed movie posters and albums covers, a list of “You know you were born in the 80s when…” facts, fun signs like “Hungry like a wolf?” and “Nobody puts baby in the corner”, step-by-step moves to Thriller and anything neon you can get your hand on.  In Paris, that turned out to be quite difficult but I managed.  It also helps to re-create the Pac-man game on your walls.

Create a tasty spread of 80s themed food: flower power veggie tray, Pac-man cheese, neon frosted brownies, Doritos (when cool ranch isn’t available sour cream works pretty well), and Pretty in Pink punch.

Invite some cool people who will really get into the theme.  Show up in either polyester jump suits, big hair, Jane Fonda-esque leotards, blue eye shadow, fishnet stockings, Dread Pirate Roberts, fanny packs, crop tops, Tom Cruise from Risky Business, or anything neon.

A mullet is a must.  A mullet is always a good idea.

Newflash: the 80s fashions are making a comeback.   You might be surprised to find out many of the outfits were bought just a week before from H&M and Forever 21.

Create a playlist with top hits from the 80s.  So much good music it’s hard to narrow it down.  And then have a wicked dance party until 2am (while risking being evicted from your building).

Lastly, the icing on the cake:  get your hands on a Nintendo Entertainment System and play Super Mario Bros.  When you save the princess, shout out in hulk-like euphoric glory.  Remembering how you haven’t done that in 15 years.

Otherwise, play an 80s movie on silent.  We played Risky Business in honour of David’s costume.  We all stopped in our tracks and burst out laughing when the wind and leaves burst open the French doors as Tom Cruise undresses Rebecca De Mornay.

Man, the 80s were so cheese-y and awkward… 80sparty-5419




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