Life Lately #2

I can’t believe I’m writing my second Life Lately post. The monthly post where I round-up what we’ve been up to in our lives as expats in Paris.  It has been a month since the first installment and it has been a busy month.

The major piece of news this month was our move to another apartment in the city.  That occupied a lot of our time. But of course we still made time to enjoy what we love most about Paris… our friends.

A Housewarming Party

We learned a new word this month thanks to our French friends who also recently moved.  A pendaison de crémaillère, literally means “hanging of the chimney hook” and refers to a housewarming party.  Simply crémaillère for short.  We happily celebrated with friends one Friday night with drinks, food and dancing.  I was shocked to find out that the neighbours didn’t complain about the dancing and the singing until 2am.  Those are some pretty understanding neighbours.  The best part was the ‘photo booth’ set-up in the living room.  Of course I’ve always heard of these used for weddings and other large events.  But why not a house party, right?  What a great idea to capture the fun moments of the night.

We’ll have to organize our own big crémaillère soon.  Come to think of it, I’ve never had a housewarming party.  When we moved to Edmonton, we didn’t know anyone.  Likewise when we moved to Paris.  Now that we have a new home and a whole gang of friends, a housewarming party is definitely a must.  As is the photo booth.

A house-chilling Party

So what’s the opposite of a housewarming party… a house-chilling party perhaps?  Well that’s what we did to have one last hurrah at our old place.  It was a small, last minute gathering.  We shared wine, cheese, and I made some pretty delicious coffee cream filled éclairs.

DoubleYou Fit Event

My two friends from the gym started an awesome French fitness blog, DoubleYou Fit, that has gained a fair bit of traction in the past few months.  They organized an ‘intro to Crossfit’ event for other fitness bloggers in Paris. They asked me to help our Crossfit owner coach the event and I was happy to lend my time.  It was a fun afternoon with a cool group of ladies.  They did a great job organizing it and provided us all with some goodies from their sponsors.  Just another example of why I love the Crossfit community and all the opportunities it provides.

Night at the Theatre

Last semester I took a “Learning French using Theatrical Techniques” class from Paris’ Municipal Courses for Adults. The teacher was great and occasionally organized theatre outings for her students.  I was finally able to make it to the latest one.  The play we saw was “Portrait of Dorian Gray” based on the novel by Oscar Wilde.  We met my teacher and former classmates at the Lucernaire and watched the four talented actors play six different characters.  Just when I thought I had a handle on the French language, this play proved I still have lots to learn.  Unfortunately, I understood only about 50% of the words and I was happy I had Googled the plot line so I wasn’t completely lost.  In general, plays are a great way to practice language comprehension skills since actors typically enunciate and project their voices well.   It also showed us how lively and active the theatre culture is in Paris and that we should take more advantage of it.

Indoor Windsurfing

This might just be the most bizarre event I’ve ever been too.  Kudos to my friend Michelle who seeks out and buys ticket to random events in Paris.  What an experience.  A 1-foot deep pool was laid out in Bercy Stadium, large fans lined one side to create “wind”.  Wind surfers from across France and from overseas participated in heats, racing back and forth around buoys a few times before reaching the finish.  There was a lot of falls and crashes, especially for the women who didn’t gather enough speed and momentum to get around the tight turns.  The freestyle portion of the event was hilarious.  Athletes surfed off a ramp and attempted to perform flips and tricks.  Most landed flat.  It just looked awkward.  But it was incredibly fun.  The music was good, the atmosphere was electric.  And I bet not many people can say they have been to an Indoor windsurfing competition.

Official Citizens of Paris

We were always official but now we have a card to prove it.  Earlier this year, the Mayor of Paris introduced a Citizen’s Card.  So I applied and we got ours in the mail.  We celebrated the only French way we know how:  with oysters, blue cheese and champagne.  I have yet to take advantage of the cardholder benefits.

New Coffee Place

A new coffee place serving delicious coffee in a cozy setting just opened up on our side of the river.  I added one more loyalty card to my growing collection.

 Ladies Nights

I had some great dinners with the ladies this month.  Sadly no pictures of us; only of the food!  I’d recommend these places for their inventive and flavourful dishes, friendly service and casual vibes.

Fish La Boissonnerie (69 Rue de Seine, 75006) A dynamic, colourful plate of roasted beet salad followed by a white fish with chestnut sauce and Jewish artichokes

Ellsworth (rue, 34 Rue de Richelieu, 75001) Kale salad and friend anchovies.  It is a tapas style, family-table sharing kinda place.  Not pictured: the pork pate, roasted cauliflower, and country fried chicken.

And now you’re all caught up!

How did you spend your March?

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  • This all sound like such a good last few weeks. I love a good cremaillere – always fun! Those eclairs you made look amazeballs btw! Delicious looking! I started crossfit before Christmas and I do like it – though I still suck really hard at it. I haven’t done it since I went back to Canada in early March so it’ll be a difficult return I think!xx

    • Thank you! I’ve made eclairs a few times… trying to perfect them but they can be tricky. Returning back to Crossfit is always hard after some time away, even when you’ve been doing it for years! It’s such a great workout and the best way to meet people. We had our own cremaillere recently, I’ll be writing about it in my next Life Lately post.