Our Scottish Bucket List

In the spirit of making the most of our assignment in Scotland, I’ve compiled a list of places to see and things to do while we live in Aberdeen. Our Scottish Bucket List.  Most revolve around travel in Scotland and immersion into Scottish food and culture.  But I’ve added some extra bucket list items for travel in Europe since we’re not that far.


Feel free to suggest anything else you’d think we’d like to do!

  • Visit the Shetland Islands
  • Do a whisky tour
  • See Dunnontar Castle & Stonehaven
  • Go to Isle of Skye
  • Go to Isle of mull
  • Visit St. Andrews
  • Hike in the Cairngorms
  • See a puffin
  • Try a buttery/rowie
  • Bonfire on the beach
  • Run a Half Marathon in Scotland
  • Tour around Loch Lomond
  • Surf at Aberdeen beach (or in the North Sea)
  • Suntan in Scotland
  • Go Nessie hunting at Loch Ness
  • Try haggis
  • Abseil on Forth Bridge for charity
  • See David in a kilt… in public
  • See the Queen
  • Go Kiteboarding (Check out all these adrenaline-filled activities to do in Scotland)
  • Eat a deep-fried Mars bar (or two)
  • See the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
  • Camp at a Scottish castle (like one of these)
  • Dance in a ceilidh
  • Have jaffas and tea
  • Visit all the Scottish World Heritage Sites
  • Take a picture with a ‘heilan coo’ (Highland cow)
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Drive the North Coast 500
  • Go to a Scottish Agricultural Show
  • Jump into a cold body of water on New Year’s Day
  • Go to the Highland Games
  • Music festival on Arboath
  • Party on Burns Night
  • Attend Edinburgh’s Hogmanay


European Travel Bucket List

  • Mont St Michel, France
  • Lyon, France
  • San Sebastian, Spain
  • Puglia, Italy
  • Gdansk, Poland
  • Bergen, Norway
  • Visit my old friend in the Lakes District, UK
  • Visit friends in Tel Aviv
  • Visit friends in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Paris reunion at my parent’s house in Portugal


What else would you suggest we add to our Scottish Bucket List??

Leave your suggestions in the comments below and keep checking in as we knock these things off our list.  


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  • that’ s a great list! I hope you cross all items off!

  • Did you know you can abseil off the Forth Bridge? My sister and my husband did it for charity last year!
    Highly recommend trying an Aberdeen buttery/rowie! And you could combine visit St Andrews with the whiskey distillery – Kingsbarns Distillery is about 15 mins away!
    Looking forward to reading all about your Scottish adventures 🙂
    Christy x
    Dinner Stories

    • Thanks Christy! I forgot about the buttery. I had to look up what abseiling is :/ It’s too bad it’s too late to raise money otherwise I would totally sign up for October 9!! So next year it is 😀

    • Kingsbarns is a great stop but you don’t get to taste any of their own whisky get as the distillery is very new and their spirit isn’t ready yet. Great way to start a whisky tour though.

  • I love this list!! Can’t wait to read about all the Scottish places you’re planning on visiting!

  • Ray

    +1 for seeing David in a kilt.

  • A puffin!! My sister graduated from St Andrews, I’m so disappointed we never made it to visit while she was there. It looks gorgeous!

    • We toured all around Iceland hoping to see one there and we never did!! So we’re on the (photographic) hunt here 😀

  • Robert F. Stokes

    Well that’s a pretty comprehensive list! If I could add one thing it would be the North Coast 500. Well worth doing and loads of info online about it now. Oh, and speaking of online info, check out the Walk Highlands website for guidance on hiking in the Cairngorms (and the rest of Scotland). And finally, at the risk of being pedantic, in Scotland it’s spelled whisky. Nae ‘e’ Jimmy! Whisky aficionados get quite serious about such things. 🙂

    • Thanks Robert! Great suggestions. I did hear about the North Coast 500 so that is definitely going on. I stocked up on form 50 books/flyers from the Tourist Office and the Walking Scotland Guide was one of them. Thanks for the typo check 😉

  • A great Scottish bucket list! Seems very feasible too 🙂 New Lanark is an amazing site to visit by the way! Absolutely loved it when we went last year! And if you’re lucky you could go to St Andrews, have a bonfire by the beach and see puffins all in one day 🙂

  • …San Sebastián is absolutamente hermosa–and with FANTASTIC food!!…

  • Welcome to Aberdeen!

    I would definitely add bagging a few munros or hlls – Bennachie is the obvious one near Aberdeen, and there are some stunning walks along Deesside, for example a walk round Loch Muick (you can see pics from that in my oh so neglected blog) near Ballater – especially this time of year the scenery there is stunning!

    Also, why not a trip to Oslo – direct flights from Aberdeen!

  • We’re going to Hogmanay this year, and it’s my understanding there is a polar plunge on New Year’s Day in Queensferry and then a march back to the city center. We’ll be skipping that because I already did a polar plunge in Alaska and don’t need to repeat the experience, but you could mark two items off your list with that one.

    On the whisky tour front, we’ve gone to both Islay and Speyside. We are huge whisky drinkers and really love the peaty single malts. We were unfamiliar with Speyside whiskys until we went. Islay is more scenic but we were really surprised by how much we loved our experience in Speyside. We joined a small group tour on both experiences which we found made the trips so much easier than had we planned them ourselves. I really need to write up our Speyside experience at some point. If you’re curious about knowing more, I’d be happy to fill you in.

  • The Brit Crowd

    Love your bucket list!! 😀 Scotland has so many amazing things to offer. If you fancy doing a collaboration at some point, give me a shout! Emily @ The Brit Crowd

  • Great list! A Burns Night party is 100% guaranteed to be a ceilidh so that’ll combine another two 🙂 The Music Hall usually hosts regular ceilidhs, including a Burns Night one, but it’s closed for renovation at the moment. A tip for puffin sighting is a trip to Staffa, which is a nice day trip from Mull and swarming with Puffins in summer!