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Aberdeen Learnings

Going Back to School: Things I’ve Learned

It’s been quiet on the blog here and it’s even surprised me.  I have a dozen post ideas to share.  Places we’ve explored, observations I’ve made from living in Aberdeen.  Right now they are all stuck in my head…


Life Lately | Saying goodbye to summer

Life has switched gears for us in the past month.  And until I sat down to write this post, I honestly thought it’s been pretty uneventful.  When people have asked what we’ve been up to, I haven’t had much…


Life Lately | August in Aberdeen

My roundup of what we were up to this past month, August in Aberdeen.  Well here we are some 6 weeks after we touched down in Aberdeen, or rather trained up.   And some days I still can’t believe we live…


Settling in Aberdeen: Moving into our new home

Friends and family have been asking us, how are you settling in Aberdeen?  The short answer:  pretty well. Here’s a look at how we’ve begun to start a new life in Aberdeen with the most important aspect of it…

Aberdeen Food

Review: Chaophraya Restaurant

Being new to Aberdeen, I’m motivated to explore as much of the city as possible.  That includes sampling the food as well.  A few people told me I’d have to adjust my expectations and that the options for dining…


Aberdeen: Our first week and first impressions

We are now Aberdeen residents.  And if you’ve been following, you’ll know I wasn’t too excited for this move.  It’s the sacrifice we’ve made to live and move around with David’s company.  We didn’t exactly have a choice in…