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Three Years in Paris

I’m sitting here stunned that I’m writing this.  Never in our dreams when we first landed in Paris did we think we’d be here this long. Well life is full of surprises Thanks to this blog I have a…

Favourites Life

Thoughts from an expat spouse

I’ve heard the question so many times now, but it still catches me by surprise, makes me feel about 5 inches tall and like a blubbering idiot. “So what do you do here in Paris?” My answer has changed…

Favourites Life

Ridiculous Things We’ve Brought from Canada

Full exposé coming your way! At the risk of seeming incredibly cheap and ridiculous, today I am sharing with you the things we’ve imported from Canada. As an expat, there are always those items from home that you miss…

Favourites Life

French Pronunciation: A Short Story

A few months ago, in my constant effort of exploring new passions and interests, I took a short story class at WICE called Paris Vignettes: How to Capture Revealing Moments, Encounters and Events.  The 5 week course was led…

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The Passages: A walking tour in Paris

During Jane’s visit, we spent Saturday afternoon on a self-guided tour of the Passages, or covered arcades in the 1st and 2nd arrondissements. They were built in the 19th century and rose in popularity (having about 150 in Paris…