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Aveiro: Off the Beaten Path in Portugal

Many visitors to Portugal will go to the capital Lisbon and perhaps even Porto.  The sunseekers head to Algarve in the south.  But much of the rest of the country is overlooked.  So if you’re looking for something off the beaten…


Searching September Sun in Portugal

I had a wonderful one week visit with my parents two weeks ago.  It had been a year since I saw them last… too long I say.  Aside from eating and drinking too much, we were able to catch…


Portugal = pasteis, porto and praia

We spent last week in my parents’ hometown, Cantanhede in Portugal.  When people ask me where my family is from I always say half way between Porto and Lisbon, near the coast, just half hour from Coimbra… Not a…


A long weekend in Algarve, Portugal

The theme of the holiday was Sangria… Branco, tinto, espumante.  Even homemade brew in a re-purposed Luso bottle.  You name it, we drank it. What a wonderful way to spend four days in the south of Portugal in Algarve…

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A quick Portugal visit and my parents visit Paris

As Parisians were undergoing the ‘rentrée’ in the first weeks of September, I was exiting once again. To explain the Parisian ‘rentrée’ you have to first imagine a major exodus (which does happen in Paris during the July and…