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Going Back to School: Things I’ve Learned

It’s been quiet on the blog here and it’s even surprised me.  I have a dozen post ideas to share.  Places we’ve explored, observations I’ve made from living in Aberdeen.  Right now they are all stuck in my head…


Traditional Cuisine course… an update

I’m well into my Cuisine Traditionelle cooking class by the Mairie de Paris. Where does the time go?  But first, read about my struggles on getting into this course. The first class was dedicated to orientation-type of information.  I…


School holidays!

When I first started school and teaching, I thought having two weeks off every 2 months was a bit ridiculous.  Really… how much vacation does one really need?  But now, three quarters of the way through the year, these…


Being a student in France

UPDATE:  I passed and actually with flying colours (86% to be exact!) but not before having to do the oral exam in front of the whole class!  Talk about pressure…  And now I’m into the next level, B1 and…